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Welcome to my dear readers! Today is our third issue! As usual — scandals, intrigues and investigations.

- "I don't like bots in politics! "- comrade Ptitzin, the leader of eRa Party.

The last congress elections were just terrible. We've got a feeling that there weren't any people among the voters, only bots.  All the parties used bots as the last, but, at the same time  decisive force in the elections. The majority of the elected congressmen are suspected in this kind of cheating.

   "Not a year passed by! ", Russian aphorism.

   Three weeks have passed since the election of Sasha237 as the President. During these three weeks we have been promised some «fun» and a war. Yesterday we finally attacked Finland, but yet that's not so much fun in this. Booooooring! Yet, they say, it's just a part of one really BIG AND CUNNING PLAN!

"Russians are everywhere!"

   Congresses of such countries as North Korea and Switzerland is now under Russian control. The situation in Bolivia is not quite clear yet. All shall fear!

"- There will be no XYNTA!" - ex-Minister of Defense Rocker.

Due to some problems in the army, the Minister of Defense, has voluntarily left his position.

- "Tell that to everyone: "Only lazybones and alcoholics are in Congress!" - one of the eRussian congressmen.

Lazy bone has gotten into Congress. Read details about the Minister's of Culture carelessness further.

             No political collisions were noticed during the last week. Well, maybe the inner-party revolution in FRP. Some players have stolen the passwords of a party organization, and have the overall organization too. To be continued :) And the other news is a "tricky plan". An act of sabotage was planned against The Cossacks party. Another party was meant to get into the TOP 5 through the diversion, expelling The Cossacks from there. It would have deprived the party from offering their candidates to the Congress. Of course, bots could not have been avoided. However, the mission failed, and everything was back to normal.

   A conflict in the Army between the Kapushons division and ex-MoD occurred. The latter refused to support the division financially. This could lead to a crack in the Army, but the President came just in time with his ultimatum that cut everyone down to size. Rocker had to leave his  position of Minister of Defense voluntarily and to transfer it to romool.

   The long-awaited attack on Finland occurred. It should've started a week earlier but it was canceled that time due to tardiness and unpreparedness of the allies. We keep a wary eye on the situation;)

Despite the effort of Russian diplomats the contract regarding the creation of a new alliance has not yet been published and implemented for unknown reasons.

           Recently the Department of Culture announced a demotivator competition. Donations have bee gathered for this interesting competition. Even I donated 10 gold. Then the Minister of Culture has concealed himself and we never heard from him again. The works have never been published, and, of course, no winners have been chosen (and I have made 4 demotivators!!!). eRussians are indignant.

   Lately one more malicious script was discovered. It made poor newspaper readers join the eMacedonian party. Thanks to the effort of the government, the problem has been solved almost instantly. Tickets to the admins have been written. The question of forbidding eMacedonians to enter the country has been raised.
Also, there were some articles with pictures clicking on which users unwittingly voted for competing candidates.

   An awful thing has happened! They have been banned for exploiting bugs within the game. Using q5 tickets they have been getting their wellness to enormous heights. And the 6th law of eRepublik reads, that using bugs within the game leads to ban. There is hope, that parter will be reanimated. The President Sasha237 declared mourning in the eCountry.

Interview with Chapaev, one of the main activists of The Cossaks.

1) How did Moredan show himself before he was elected as the President?

Moredan always amazed us with his crazy working efficiency and readiness to stay in the game 18 hours a day, to write articles, conduct negotiations, develop the party programme, invent and implement the improvements for the Army. Always and everywhere.

But what i liked most of all is his ultimatism. He decided to play a part of a cossack patriot, an honest person who is always responsible for his words. And nothing, no XYNTAs, no impeachments have made go back his words.
I don't defend this ultimatism. No, to the contrary, after he became the President I tried to convince him to forget about his rules and to try to search for a compromise with the XYNTA. But he refused to do that, and I respect him even more because of that. I don't have this kind of backbone, i would've been broken.

2) Did you think about the possible problems in the period of his regiment?

We thought that we had found a nice solution of our main problem — the language barriers. This was the state translators team. Who new that XYNTA was waiting for us? Who know that we were to face resistance in the Congress (not from all the congressmen, but from the man who has gathered all the economical powers in his hands, the man with a loud nickname Orda)? Who knew that the commanders of the Army will refuse to acknowledge the power of their Supreme Commander and will deny the reforms suggesting reducement of funding of the Elite? Who knew that the society was led no by the common sence, but by the voice of the loudest troll? Though... Well, we knew about it all, but we just believed this wouldn't have happened with us.

3) What do you see as the main cause of the population's discontent?
The cause of the population's discontent was the discontent of Kalimbo. What caused dissatisfaction of Kalimbo? The fact that he wanted to rule the country and its army on his own. Kalimbo is Grey Eminence, he's not fully opposite, but still quite opposite to Moredan. Kalimbo organised his personal army of trolls, made a flash-like operation to capture the media space and... he won.

4) Do you think these problems could've been avoided if there had been no language barriaer between the president and the country?

I think no. The army of personal trolls can crush anyone, regardless of what language he speaks and what he does. The crucial weapon here is the word, and it doesn't mean what language is used to tell it. That's a virtual game, there's nothing more then the words and some amount of glitchy Romanian codes here. Even of Moredan had known Russian, he wouldn't have defended himself from the army of trolls on his own. He would've also needed the same kind of army for himself. And it's against his principles to slander and to throw shit all around.

5) What are your Party's plans for the future? Complete reorganization or more conservative reform?

Wow, it is difficult to answer, since the last month I was in two-click mode, not really looking at the reforms. We have made one fundamental change - the Cossacks began to speak in Russian, but as for the rest, the party adheres to the conservative course - we are all the same honest Patriots, rejecting illegal methods of games. Unless, from supporters of neutrality, we slowly turning into supporters of the war - eRussia has been reunified. We must look for new targets in the military aspect of the game. It is necessary to increase the size of the army. Industry must prepare for war. And yes, we should start a new world war.

6) In his farewell article, Moredan promised to return. He was just polite or he is really going to visit us again soon. What kind of plans he has for India.

He promised to return to the game and he has already returned. But I do not think he ever returns to eRussia. He never managed to embody in our country the things which were intended. And he knows very well that this will never be possible. Maybe someone else but not him. But he did not refuse one of his main ideas - Fair play. And now, he established the Order of Fire - the world-wide (yes, India - this is only the beginning) organization of people struggling with takeovers, hackers, bot-nets etc. Hopefully, he will make it. While we are building up a real Russia in virtual eRussia (continuing to use various exploits in the game laws, as many as we do in real life), there are people who are trying to build a e-copy of the law-abiding and prosperous Europe.

Attention please! I'll publish the questions about eRussia in each issue. The first person to give the right answers on all questions will receive a prize. Now it's just 1 Gold + Q5 Bread, it will grow in the course of time.


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So this is the end of my third article. Hope you liked it. The next issue will be published in a week.
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Information about eRussia.
President- Sasha237
   Prime-minister - mjDao (now has a new account for the old one is banned)
Five main parties:
Free Russia Party - the leading party of eRussia.
Dark Empire Party - fun-party of the country.
   Communist Party - Soviet Union - a socialist party of people who approve of planned economy.
   eRA Nova Party - opposition party, rapidly getting reborn.
   The Cossacks - English-speaking party, mostly consists of foreigners.
Support_Service - organization that helps the newcomers.

   The Composition of eRussian Government
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