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Greetings from the newspaper "Civil Defense of eRussia"!
Today is our first full-fledged edition. I had been putting off writing this article for a whole week upon the pretext that there was no news. Yesterday I understood that I am conscious-stricken before my subscribers. Actually, I did promise an article soon. So yesterday I suddenly decided to catch up. I took a couple of interviews, talked to congressmen and generally had been working hard the whole day. So I humbly hope you will  appreciate my work ;)

- "Save Our Babies!" - FOR_MOTHER_RUSSIA.

The story of Finnish baby-killing machine continued. Despite all the players' effort, the problem couldn't have been solved without intervention by government. Negotiations led to the owner offering to purchase his company, but no reaction followed it. Everything has more or less calmed down now.

- The Attack of The Trolls

In connection with the forthcoming elections to Congress, eRussia faces a new writing boom. Evil trolls take up their pens once again.

Ancient Romans: "Panem Et Circenses!"

The oppositions, as well as eRussian population, are highly discontented by the boredom that set in. However, the government promises a sea of fun in the nearest future. We await for the attack.

- "Bots Are The Engine of Economy" - ex-president of eRussia, keks-n.

Recently eRussia has outrun eUSA in population growth. I hope everyone gets, that those are not real players. Bots are one of main eRepublik problems.

- "Long Live Mother-Russia!" - ex-president of Russia, MoredanKantose.

Recently eRussia has been abandoned by its beloved ex-president. He left to save eIndia from PTO. eRussia mourns ;)

- "Impeachment? eRussia confirms its reputation"

Elections are coming soon. Mass law-making spree is here, and an impeachment was filed as a joke. Poor two-clickers are puzzled.

We see the state of things as stable. Even too stable ;) No shocking news or revolutions.
Oppositions announce minor shortcomings in the work of the ruling party (Free Russia Party). To be precise, they just say that people are bored. Most of the critique regards FRP's secrecy.
Actually, only two parties are actively working and developing right now: Free Russia Party and The Cossacks. The latter are reorganizing actively after MoredanKantose. eRa Nova Party is preoccupied rapidly promoting their image. Recently they had a fake action against Communist Party- Soviet union, due to which public image of the latter experienced quite a considerable fall. Dark Empire Party and Communist Party - Soviet Union have not been noticed to be overly active.
All in all, the people is waiting for fun, and the government brushes them aside neatly without sharing the details of its plans.

The main event for the past few days probably was the disbandment of PEACE. At first, eRussia took a peaceful position and supported the idea of reorganizing PEACE. But after eHungary left, the government quickly found its way out of PEACE. Nevertheless, the next day a document, stating the creation of a new union occurred. So far the project is only debated and is under a veil of secrecy.

Russian community is debating the issue of bots. As I have already mentioned, eRussia is making progress in bot-operating business. The opinions divided into two groups.
One side argues that bots are ruining the game. For instance, The Cossacks is the first party which made a public statement that they have never used and will never use bots. Other one says jokingly that a few bots are not a problem. For example, one well-known eRussian politic wrote, that he would've given every new player two bots once ;) And, well, accusing of bot usage became one of the main arguments in election battles.

As well, there's discussion going on about creating a new social institute called "Scientific Council",  thanks to which new players would be able to receive experience of the preceding generation. This is a very interesting idea.

Despite the innovative nature of the eRepublik Chat, it is not too popular among politicians. All the secret discussions still happen via Skype. However, the creation of Support_Service (the biggest organization helping newcomers) in form of chat is being prepared.

So we had our first interview with eRussian President Sasha237.

When you became the President was the situation in our country in such a collapse or is it just a newspaper hoax?

Strangely enough the situation in eRussia was quite satisfactory. The main problem lie in overall hysterics, criminations and recriminations. The Ministries had worked before but not at full power. The core state-concerned departments can function rather well in full autonomy from the authorities. Thus it was rather journalists' hysterics than the truth.

As soon as you became the President you published the main trends of eRussian development. Most of all we are interested in the issue of attracting foreign players. What can you tell us about it?

Benefits. Everything is simple. We have the highest Big Mac index in the eworld. No other country has the parameters like ours. We already have several foreign crews from eSerbia, eMacedonia, eParaguay, also the Cossacs and the others. You can find fun here and wars as well.

I'll ask you a highly popular and at the same time interesting question. The PEACE has broken apart, we know that you are preparing a new alliance. Can you give us some details?

As for the details, you'll get them later. =)

According to our information eRussia is the country with the highest quantity of bots. Some popular politicians have already spoken on this subject naming bots as "the economic motive force"
What do you think about it?

Well, I wouldn't say that our quantity of bots it the highest. The ratio 1/5 would hold for practically all the countries (only 20% of population are active players). As for bots, I can give you two examples. Sometimes the Support_Service articles and army orders can't reach the top. And this is vitally important for the population. The voting for these articles isn't very effective as we just lack voters. The other example: the public appeal to the admins should reach the eworld's top. What should we do? I can only support their use in these situations.

And the last question. It's known from time immemorial that the public needs bread and circuses. We have much bread in eRussia but the situation with circuses is not so good. Some eRussians say that it has become boring for them to play. How does the governments react to this?

We have the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education. They prepare contests and quizes. We don't have any public brawls as we don't have reasons for them. It is good and bad at the same time. But we have the Ministry of Defense and soon you'll have much entertainment.

The end.

We have obtained our next interview from one of the most popular eRussian players who opposes the present-day officials. Meet vitalijstr!

What has Moredan left behind him?

A well-functioning and solidary country.

Has Keks done at least anything?

Yes and quite much. He has given joy and fun to the nation. A lot of people voted for him not without purpose. We had the same situation only with Blumen.

What about the military situation in the country?

It depends on what you mean. If you ask about skill/damage everything is super. The army is growing rapidly. The Kapushon's detachment will acquire 8 more Generals this week. If you mean the leadership everything is much worse. I have written about it in details in my articles.

What about bots acquiring?

It exists. It is ineradicable if the admins don't want to do anything about it, and players themselves can to nothing about it.

What your own opinion about the leading party - FRP?

Frankly speaking, my opinion is not so unambiguous, there are quite different people in this party. But it annoys me that the number of "bad" people is much larger than that of the "good" ones. And the latter gradually lose their "good" aura.

But what for is all this blasting started by Ptitzin?

It's a provocative and one-sided question, but I'll say that Ptitzin wasn't blasting (and can we say that telling the truth is blasting?), he just focused the attention of those around him on the situation. All the blasting is done by the FRP itself by their actions. I have already mentioned it lately. We can't blast a Person/Party/Community which don't give us reasons for that.
The end.

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Thus, the questions: 

1) Who was the last to be buried near the Kremlin wall?
2) What is the name of the village near which there was the largest tank battle in the humankind history?
3) For which battle did Alexander the Nevsky obtained his nickname?

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Information about eRussia.
President - Sasha237
Prime-minister - mjDao
Five main parties:
Free Russia Party - the leading party of eRussia.
Dark Empire Party - fun-party of the country.
Communist Party - Soviet Union - the party of radical communists.
eRA Nova Party - opposition party.
The Cossacks - English-speaking party, mostly cosists of foreigners.
Support_Service - organization that helps the newcomers.